Come to me


Come on
Walk with me
Come on
Talk to me
I’ll make it clear
Clearer than a crystal stream flowing from a mountain top
Solid like a rock never moved or shaken
Whether on the highest mountain
Or plummeting to the lowest depth
I’ll be there
Always with you
Never apart
With eyes filled with love
Compassion that knows no end
I’ll reach into the deepest place
Where only my hand can go
No human touch will ever reach that deep
That’s where I AM
Where you’ll always find me
So come on
Come to me

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Never give up


High upon a Himalayan mountain
The fire burns
The smoke ascends
With a boiling pot of chai upon its flame
This small glass of sweetness
Replenishing the weary body
Along this ancient trail
The many stories told around this fire
Carried down through the ages
Of battles fought
And victories won
Of snowed in passes
And defeat
Of tragedy and bravery
Of the many who came and placed their feet
This mountain grandeur
Calls me and draws me to my feet
To continue onward
To finish what I’d begun
To never give up
Until the journeys done

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CPR from another world

Without Your living breath

Consciously breathing in me

Such deep breaths of life

I feel asphyxiated,

Disoriented, castrated

Such shallow breathing

While asleep’s OK

But in my waking moments

I loose all orientation

I question my ordination

Until, as in that ancient garden

These clay lips feel Heaven’s kiss

Lip to lip, heart to heart

Breath to breath

Your strong hand upon my chest

My heart revived I breath again,

Life returns, hope restored

Like the eagle youth’s renewed.

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My Friend

Summonsed by Almighty

To be His friend!

How on earth can I restrain

My heart and fail to bend,

Empowered here with Him to blend

I can no longer here retain

My ‘dignity’ as I am drawn,

Enticed by scintillating infinity,

No longer satiated by this world’s insipidity,

Nourished now by lavish grace,

Eternally now to behold Your Face

For ever strengthened by Omnipotent’s


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KZN – Return to my childhood province

Grey clouds part

Happy green fields appear

Emerald – waving, clapping

Dancing sucrose leafy cane

Excited to see us back

‘Love this my childhood province

But never think to hold me

Providence draws me to another home

Where what’s poured in will

Be poured out

To fill Christ’s cup for me,

You are but my stepping stone

To my final better home.

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Post 1. November 1990

Inspiration on my first visit to India:

This pungent, kaleidoscopic cacophony of compressed life

Assails the senses like no other place on earth

Yet draws me into a Holy Place

Where I taste and am nourished by food from a better Kitchen

See colours from the City of Lights

That illuminate visions of God

Hear orchestras of Heaven

That drown out all noise pollution of earth

Joining hands with lively dancers

I swirl with them on the Sea of Glass


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